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Technical support

Congregate is pleased to offer free email-based technical support. Submit a technical support ticket below and a member of our team will be in touch within 24 hours (in the majority of cases, much sooner). Congregate does not offer telephone sales or support.

Before contacting us…

  1. Please start with our online chat feature
    Please pose your question or concern via our online chat feature at the bottom of your screen to get instant technical support and “how-to” answers. 
  2. Please check your domain name’s status
    If you see errors such as “your website cannot be found,”  “cannot connect to the server,” or your URL loads a different site, “parked” page, or landing page, you will need to contact your domain name provider for assistance; Congregate cannot help with your domain name as it may have expired or is no longer configured correctly.
  3. Note that Congregate does not manage user accounts
    Congregate does not manage member user accounts or passwords. If you are a member and require help with your username or password, contact the website administrator at your local church for assistance.
  • Please provide the most detailed description of your issue to our team. Include specific URLs, email addresses, member names, page names, etc. that are applicable so our team can investigate them directly from within your account. Please do not submit "my email does not work" or "my website will not load" or "I have a member who..." as examples. Please specify any actual email addresses, actual member names/user accounts, actual error messages, etc. in order for our team to better serve you.
  • If you have screenshots or files related to or that may help with your ticket, please provide them to our team.
    Drop files here or
  • If your issue is present on specific computers/devices, please indicate them to our team.
  • If your issue is present on specific browsers, please indicate them to our team.