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Launch your website

Launching your Congregate website is an easy four step process.
You will be making small changes to your domain name’s DNS or IP address and making simple changes inside Congregate Admin.

When you decide to launch your Congregate website is up to you. You can always add, edit, and remove content when your site is live. Your site does not have to be “100% complete” before launch; it can be a work-in-progress and always improving.

While building your website, you are provided with a development site URL – a temporary website address you use – to access your site. Before changing any settings regarding your website address in Congregate itself, you’ll need to connect and test/ensure your domain name properly loads your site. Follow the instructions in our configuring your domain name documentation in order to connect your domain name to your Congregate site.

Domain Name Changes Required
Launching your website will require changes to be made to your domain name. You will need access to your domain name’s DNS or IP address settings. If you are unfamiliar with this process, contact your domain registrar to assist with your changes or to have them make the changes for you. Unfortunately, each registrar is different and we are not able to provide detailed instructions for such changes. Changes to your domain name can take several hours to propagate. Because of this, your new Congregate site may not be directly accessible immediately after making changes to your domain name. Furthermore, your free SSL certificate is generated by the system only after propagation is completed, and could take up to 24 hours (although in the majority of cases, it is much sooner).

After you’ve configured your domain name and have confirmed your site loads when entering your domain name inside your browser, you can then update your website address inside Congregate. Follow the instructions for changing your website URL in the general settings documentation.

After your website address has been updated, you’ll want to activate search engine indexing in order to allow Google, Bing, etc. to crawl your site and index its content. Follow the instructions for activating search engine indexing in the general settings documentation. Additionally, you can submit your site to Google using their site submission link and setup an Analytics account if you wish to track visitors and see search engine referrals.

Search Engine Listings
Be advised Congregate (or any other hosting provider) has no control over when, if, and how your website will be displayed on Google or any other search engine and there is no way to guarantee a particular ranking on search engines.