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Congregate allows you to place images, HTML code, and dynamic content on your website. These widgets can be used to display your most recent sermons, articles, blog entries, news, or upcoming events. You can also display images and your own text and HTML code (to add YouTube videos, social media feeds, Google Maps, etc.) Your selected Congregate template will dictate the number of available widgets and their location on your site.

Adding a Widget

    1. To create a new widget, click “New” under Website CMS > Widgets Manager inside Congregate Admin.
    2. Select the type of widget you wish to add from the “Format” menu: custom image, custom text/HTML/code, recent sermons, recent news, recent blog entires, recent articles, or upcoming events.
      Widget Types
      • Custom image: upload your own image or photo. Note the recommended image sizes that appear at the top of the page.
      • Custom text, HTML, embed code: enter your own stylized text, HTML, or code provided by a third-party website (YouTube, Google Maps, Facebook, etc.) Note the recommended content sizes that appear at the top of the page.
      • Recent items: automatically display the most recent or upcoming content.
    3. If you selected an image or HTML code, select the image you wish to use (and a link if you wish to make the image linked) or enter your custom text/HTML content.
    4. If you selected recent/upcoming content, enter the title for the widget and select the number of items you wish to display.
    5. Select where the widget should appear on your website from the “Appears On” menu: homepage, sidebar (or if using a custom image, homepage slideshow).
    6. If you wish to hide this widget, select “Hide” from the “Visibility” menu.
    7. To determine the location or order of your widgets, enter a number in the “Sort” field. For example, if your template supports a row of three widgets on the homepage, if you wish for this widget to appear as the second widget, enter “2”.
    8. Click “Add” to save your widget. Click “Cancel” to cancel.

Managing Widgets

To manage your widgets, click “Widgets” under Website CMS > Widgets Manager inside of Congregate Admin. There you will find a list of all your widgets.

To edit a widget, simply click its title or edit icon.

To permanently delete a widget, click its trashcan icon.

To bulk update media, check the checkboxes next to applicable media and select the following from the “Checkbox Options” dropdown menu: delete, hide, un-hide. Then click “Apply.”


Homepage Slideshow Settings

If you wish to have multiple images on your homepage slideshow, enter the duration for each slide in seconds in the “Slide Duration” field.


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