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Weekly Recap Email

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Congregate can automatically send a weekly email to members detailing the previous week’s activity on your website and upcoming events for the following week.

Previewing the Weekly Recap Email

To display the weekly summary email in its current state, click “Live Preview” under Communication > Weekly Recap inside Congregate Admin. Note the preview is only available to administrators inside Congregate Admin. Members can only view the weekly recap via email.

Managing Subscribers

As a Congregate administrator, you have the ability to subscribe and unsubscribe members from receiving the weekly summary email. Members with permission can also elect to subscribe or unsubscribe from the email directly on their account settings page.

Simply select “Subscribed” or “Unsubscribed” from the dropdown menu next to each member. To bulk subscribe or unsubscribe all members, use the “Subscribe All” and “Unsubscribe All” buttons.

Click “Save” to save or “Cancel” to cancel your changes.

Weekly Recap Options


Select the modules and content you wish to include in your weekly recap email by selecting “Include” or “Do Not Include.” 

Selecting the Automated Email Send Day/Time

Select the day and time you wish the weekly summary to be sent to subscribers. Note that content posted after the send time will appear on the following week’s email. It is recommended the email be sent the day before or after a service to allow a summary of the previous week’s activity and to preview what’s upcoming for your next service.

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