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Version 7.x Version History

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Version 7.2 Release Notes (Q2 2024)

NEW! 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication)

    • If you enable 2FA, a user who attempts to login from a device Congregate does not recognize will be required to enter a code sent to the email address associated with his or her account. The user can elect to remember a browser/device, meaning 2FA will not be required for the next 90 days. Ensure cookies are not disabled in your browser to properly utilize this feature. 2FA can be enabled for Congregate Admin and/or your member website.

NEW! Member Feedback Form

    • Create a special form where members can provide feedback or ask a question, anonymously or tied to their name/email address. Create and select the fields you wish to use, whether the form is allowed to be submitted anonymously, and to what email address(es) submissions should be sent. Then create a page in your members section for your new form to appear on.
      • Configure your member feedback form at Communication > Member Feedback
      • View documentation

Job Assignments Improvements

    • If a member who is currently assigned job(s) enters blockout dates during their already assigned date(s), an admin will be automatically notified via email informing them of the conflict and the need to select another member to fulfill their duties.
    • An admin can now elect be notified via email if a member is unwilling to perform a job, giving the opportunity for the admin to re-assign the job if need be.
      • Configure your job assignment admin notifications at Congregational Tools > Job Assignments > Options
      • View documentation

Message Center Improvements

    • You can now send messages to multiple member groups in Congregate Admin, your member website, and the Congregate Members app.
    • After clicking “send” on email and text messages, an indicator will show your message is being processed before a success or error message appears.

Podcast, Calendar Feed Links Improvements

    • Instead of linking directly to RSS or iCal feeds, visitors will be presented with an explanation of how to copy and paste your feed’s URL into their podcast or calendar application. (This avoids confusion when linking directly to an XML file/feed on a device without a designated application to handle such a format.)

Social Media Sharing Improvements

    • New sharing options and updated icons: Facebook, X, copy link to clipboard, and your device’s native “share” option full other choices.
    • Sharing on social media now will include a sermon’s thumbnails or your church’s logo.

Additional Homepage Customization

    • Now any content, HTML, images, etc. you place on your “home” page will appear under the dynamic content on your homepage. This means you can use a Congregate template with multiple widgets to build your homepage, and then have your own custom content, layout, etc. appear underneath it. Note: if sudden unwanted content appears on your homepage with the version 7.2 update, go to your homepage and edit/remove any preexisting unwanted content that may not have shown prior to the 7.2 update.
      • Configure your custom homepage content at Website CMS > Pages > Manage > Home (click edit, then add/edit content using the page editor)

Other Enhancements

    • Account request email verification links now expire in 60 minutes (instead of 15 minutes)
    • Calendar event duplication takes you directly to the ‘edit’ screen of the duplicated event
    • Multiple bug fixes

Version 7.1 Release Notes (Q4 2023)

    • Google Analytics 4 display support shows website visitor data in Congregate Admin (requires additional setup with Google Cloud)
    • Page manager now shows pages and corresponding Congregate modules (so it’s easy to see what Congregate module is assigned to a specific page on your site)
    • Bug fixes and expanded platform messaging/error explanations

Version 7.0 Release Notes (Q3 2023)

    • Fully redesigned Congregate public website, packed full of detailed information on the platform and its features
    • Updated Congregate support website for quicker access to documentation, FAQ’s, and new feedback/feature suggestion form
    • Updated upgrade and payment websites for current clients to upgrade their account and make online payments
    • Congregate Members 3.0 app, with all-new features and expanded navigation
    • Free Pitch Pipe app (for everyone; non-Congregate subscribers included!) to assist song and worship leaders
    • Over 20+ new books, workbooks, material added to the virtual library
    • Polished Congregate Admin website with larger, clearer font display

NEW! Sermon Thumbnail Support

    • Now you can choose to upload thumbnail images for your sermons
    • Thumbnails can be viewed publicly on sermon pages in the current list view, or all-new sermon gallery view

NEW! MMS Text Messaging Support (Premium Feature)

NEW! Non-Member Subscriptions

    • Now you can elect to have non-members received automated emails from Congregate
    • Choose to send your daily announcements reap, attendance recap, and/or weekly recap to anyone outside your membership
    • Perfect for non-members you wish to keep updated

Digital Member Photo Wall

    • Now you can choose to randomize your member photos instead of showing them in alphabetical order
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