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Pitch Pipe by Congregate App

Estimated reading time: 3 min

App Requirements

    • iOS/Apple or Android device

Neither a Congregate subscription or internet connection is required to use the app.

Installing the App

iOS/Apple Devices

Search for and download “Pitch Pipe by Congregate” in the Apple App Store on your device.

Android Devices

Search for and download “Pitch Pipe by Congregate” in the Google Play Store on your device.

Apple Watch

    1. On your iPhone, open the Watch app.
    2. Tap the My Watch tab.
    3. Scroll to the Pitch Pipe app.
    4. To add the Pitch Pipe app to your watch, tap Install.

Configuring and Using the App (iOS/Android)

    1. After installing the app, launch the app from your home screen.
    2. Tap on any of the notes on the pitch pipe to play the selected tone for one second.
    3. Use the volume slider to adjust the volume as needed.
    4. Tap the notes field at the top of the screen to type or paste any text you wish to display on the screen (song lists, worship notes, etc.) Enter any notes you wish to make tappable/playable by placing them within brackets. For example [C#], [B], [Eb], etc.
    5. Tap the settings icon at the bottom right to show the app’s settings:
      1. Use the slider to adjust the font size of your custom text/notes.
      2. Use the dark mode toggle to switch between light and dark display modes.
      3. Use the live pitch detection toggle to activate live pitch detection.

Configuring and Using the App (Apple Watch)

  1. Launch the app from your watch.
  2. Turn the digital crown until your selected note appears in orange, then tap the center of the screen. The note will play for one second.
  3. Swipe right-to-left to view the volume slider and adjust the volume as needed via touch or the digital crown. Swipe left-to-right to return to the pitch pipe.

Live Pitch Detection

When enabled, see the note you’re singing on screen automatically or on-demand (requires microphone access and permission from your device). After clicking a note on the pitch pipe, pitch detection will automatically activate for five seconds and display the note(s) it hears on screen. To use on-demand, simply tap the microphone icon in the middle of the pitch pipe. When the microphone icon turns red, the app is listening. The app will display the note(s) it hears on screen until you tap on the note in the middle of the pitch pipe to stop pitch detection.

Text Note Recognition

When entering your custom text you can insert tappable notes that will play their corresponding notes on the pitch pipe. Simply enter the note you wish to make playable by placing it within brackets. For example [C#], [B], [Eb], etc. Recognized notes will appear in orange and you can tap them to play the note. Use [C] for low C and use [C^] for high C.


Here are the basic troubleshooting steps we recommend to get your app working again:

      1. Force-quit the app and relaunch it.
      2. Reboot your device completely and then relaunch the app.
      3. Uninstall the app and then re-download/install it from your app store.

If no sound is coming from the pitch pipe:

      1. Check the volume slider on the app.
      2. Check your device’s volume (i.e., the volume buttons on your device and/or in your device’s settings). Your device’s volume has priority over the app’s volume slider. If your device’s volume is set to zero, you will not hear the pitch pipe even if its volume slider to set to maximum volume.

If pitch detection is not working:

      1. Ensure you have pitch detection activated in the app’s settings.
      2. Ensure you have granted the app permission and access to your device’s microphone. This mode requires microphone access to function.

Uninstalling the App

To uninstall the app, follow your device’s instructions on removing and uninstalling apps.

Version History

Version 1.3

    • Added Apple Watch support.

Version 1.2

    • Text note recognition: insert playable notes into the custom text field.

Version 1.1

    • Live pitch detection: when enabled, see the note you’re singing on screen.
    • Better volume control: now the volume slider controls your overall device’s volume.
    • Larger text box: more space to view your custom notes.
    • Font size control: change the font size of your custom notes.
    • Dark mode: black on white, or white on black – your choice.

Version 1.0

    • Initial release
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