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Photo Albums

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You can use Congregate to create an unlimited number of photo albums and display them on a public or member page on your website.

Creating a Photo Album

    1. To create a photo album, click “New” under Online Media/Files > Photo Albums inside of Congregate Admin.
    2. Enter the name of the photo album.
    3. If you wish, enter an optional description of the photo album.
    4. Click the “Upload Files” button to select a photo to upload from your computer or device. Repeat the upload process to add additional photos.
    5. To remove an uploaded photo, click the “Remove” button.
    6. Click “Add” to save your photo album. Click “Cancel” to cancel your post.

Managing Photos and Photo Albums

To manage albums, click “Manage” under Online Media/Files > Photo Albums inside of Congregate Admin. There you will find a list of all your albums. 

To edit an album, simply click its title or edit icon. From the edit screen you can add, remove, or rename photos in your album.

To permanently remove an album, click its trashcan icon.

To bulk update albums, check the checkboxes next to the applicable albums and select one of the following from the “Checkbox Options” dropdown menu: delete. Then click “Apply.”


Selecting Display Pages

Use the dropdown menus to select the page your photo gallery (which contains all your albums) should appear on. If you do not wish to use photo galleries, select “None” from the dropdown menu to disable them.

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