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Pending Approval (Messages)

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If you have enabled the feature that requires an administer to approve messages sent by members to other members, groups, or the entire membership, you will find a list of pending messages for approval here. If approved, the message will be sent immediately. If denied, the message will be deleted and remain unsent. Administrators have the ability to edit the message’s content before approving or sending the message.

Managing Your Pending Messages

To manage your mailing lists, click “Pending Messages” under Communication inside of Congregate Admin. There you will find a list of all your pending, unsent messages.

To view/edit/send/save a pending message, simply click its title or edit icon.

To immediately send a pending message, click “Approve.”

To permanently remove and never send a pending message, click “Deny.”

To bulk update pending messages, check the checkboxes next to the applicable messages and select one of the following from the “Checkbox Options” dropdown menu: send or delete. Then click “Apply.”

Reviewing A Pending Message

To review a pending message, click its title or edit icon.

You can review and/or modify its date, sending member, subject, reply-to address, body, and/or attachments. 

Upon completion, you can click “Save” to save the message without sending it, click “Send” to immediately send and approve the message, or click “Cancel” to discard any changes and leave the message in its pending state.

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