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Member Feedback Form

Estimated reading time: 1 min

Create a special form where members can provide feedback or ask a question – tied to their member account or anonymously. Create and select the fields you wish to use, whether the form is allowed to be submitted anonymously, and to what email address(es) submissions should be sent.

Adding Form Fields

    1. To create a field, click “New” under Communication > Member Feedback inside of Congregate Admin.
    2. Enter the title of the field in “Field Title.”
    3. Select the field type in the “Type” selection: text entry or dropdown menu selection.
    4. If dropdown menu, enter each of the options you wish to include in the dropdown menu in the “Options” field, each on its own line.
    5. If you wish to dictate the order of your fields on your site, enter an order number – a numeral – in the “Field Display Order” field.
    6. If you wish to save your field, but not have it display on your site, uncheck the “Active” checkbox. Only active fields will appear on your site.
    7. Click “Add” to save your field. Click “Cancel” to cancel.

Managing Fields

To add, edit, or remove fields, click “Fields” under Communication > Member Feedback inside of Congregate Admin. There you will find a list of all your fields.

Click “New” to add a field.

To edit a field, simply click its name or edit icon.

To permanently remove a field, click its trashcan icon.

To bulk update fields, check the checkboxes next to the applicable fields and select the following from the “Checkbox Options” dropdown menu: delete, make active, or make inactive. Then click “Apply.”


Use the dropdown menu to select the page on which to display the member feedback form. If you do not wish to use the member feedback form, select “None” from the dropdown menu to disable it.

Determine if you wish for your form to be submitted anonymously or if the member’s name and email address should be included in the submission. Note: If “Collect Feedback Anonymously” is set to yes, a message will be displayed to members on the form indicating their name and email address will not be included in their feedback submission.

Select the feedback recipients by selecting a member from the dropdown menu or checking the “Custom Email” checkbox and entering a custom email address.

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