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Mailing Lists

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You can use custom mailing lists to send emails to a specific group of people outside of your member directory and/or members. Member groups can also be emailed within Congregate, so there is no need to create mailing lists for member groups.

Creating a New Mailing List

    1. To create a mailing list, click “New” under Communication > Mailing Lists inside of Congregate Admin.
    2. Enter the name of the mailing list in the “Name” field.
    3. Enter all the email addresses you wish to include in your list, separated by commas (e.g.,,, etc.) inside the “Emails” field.
    4. If you wish to include any members from your member directory in your mailing list, enter their name(s) in the “Members” field.
    5. Check the “Active” checkbox to have your mailing list displayed on your site. Uncheck the box if you want the mailing list hidden from display. Use this feature if you want to start a mailing list draft and return to editing/activating it later.
    6. Click “Add” to save and/or activate your mailing list. Click “Cancel” to cancel.

Managing New Mailing Lists

To manage your mailing lists, click “Mailing Lists” under Communication inside of Congregate Admin. There you will find a list of all your mailing lists that are active and inactive. 

To edit a mailing list, simply click its title or edit icon.

To permanently remove a mailing list, click its trashcan icon.

To bulk update mailing lists, check the checkboxes next to the applicable posts and select one of the following from the “Checkbox Options” dropdown menu: delete, make active, or make inactive. Then click “Apply.”

Using Mailing Lists

Your mailing lists will appear in the Congregate message center in addition to any email selection field within the Congregate platform that allows sending to multiple email addresses. Access to mailing lists is controlled in your permission groups. If you do not wish to allow certain members to have the ability to access and email lists, disable their mailing list permission.

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