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File Manager

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You can use the file manager to upload, edit, manage, and remove files from your website. The file manager offers direct access to the “root” file storage level on your site in addition to all shared file areas (public, member, and leadership). Click “File Manager” under Website CMS inside Congregate Admin to access the file management interface.

Where are my sermons? Directory photos?
Feature-specific files (e.g., sermon audio, directory photos, articles, etc.) are not shown or managed in the file manager and must be managed in their respective modules.

Uploading a File

    1. Navigate to the folder or directory you wish to upload a file within.
    2. Click the upload icon from the file manager toolbar.
    3. Select the file from your computer/device you wish to upload.
File Size and Storage Limits
Congregate has a maximum upload file size limit of 100mb per file. Your total overall storage limit is dictated by which Congregate monthly service plan you’re subscribed to.
Illegal File and Folder Characters
Your files will be viewed by numerous users who use a wide variety of operating systems and devices. It is essential to avoid common illegal filename and directory characters. These include the following:
# % & { } \ < > * ? / $ ! ‘ ” : @ + ` | = [space]

Managing Files and Folders

To move a file/folder, simply drag-and-drop it into a new folder or location.

To remove a file/folder, simply click the delete icon in the file manager toolbar.

Creating a Folder

    1. Navigate to the folder or directory you wish to create a new folder within.
    2. Click the new folder icon in the file manager toolbar.
    3. Title your folder and hit “enter” on your keyboard.
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