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Congregate Members App

Estimated reading time: 4 min

App Requirements

    • iOS/Apple or Android device (phone or tablet)
    • Congregate-powered church website and user account
    • Internet connection

Installing the App

iOS/Apple Devices

Search for and download “Congregate Members” in the Apple App Store on your device.

Android Devices

Search for and download “Congregate Members” in the Google Play Store on your device.

Configuring and Using the App

    1. After installing the app, launch the app from your home screen.
    2. The app will ask you to enter the website address of the Congregate-powered website you wish to access, and your username and password.
    3. You’ll then be taken to your home screen or dashboard. Use the “hamburger” menu on the top left of your screen to navigate to the various modules and pages within the app. Note: some functions in the app are native and other functions may open in your device’s web browser; this is expected behavior.
    4. To logout, access “Account Settings” and then select “Log out.”


If you get an “invalid credentials” message, please ensure your username and password are correct, and that you’re using the exact website address for your Congregate website. This includes the “https://” prefix and/or any other prefix, sub-domains, etc. Your website URL must be exact in order to login.

Confirm your user account is paired to a member in your directory (and is not a generic admin account). The app only works with user accounts paired to members in the directory.

Here are the basic troubleshooting steps we recommend to get your app working again:

      1. Force-quit the app and relaunch it to see if that brings you to the login screen.
      2. Reboot your device completely and see if that brings you to the login screen.

If that does not correct your issue, try to reset your password:

      1. Access your Congregate website your device’s browser or computer (i.e., not the app).
      2. On the member login screen, choose the option to reset your password.
      3. Follow the instructions to reset your password.
      4. Reboot your device.
      5. Re-open the Congregate Members app and login.

Retrieving or Resetting Your Password

Congregate cannot retrieve usernames or passwords.

If you forgot your Congregate username and/or password, please access the member section of your website and choose the password retrieval link. After you enter the email address or username associated with your account, a password reset link will be emailed to you. After resetting your password and you can then log into the app.

If you are a member and need additional assistance with your user account, please contact your local church website administrator; Congregate does not manage user accounts.

Uninstalling the App

To uninstall the app, follow your device’s instructions on removing and uninstalling apps.

Version History

Version 3.1

    • Screen and image caching/speed improvements
    • Bug fixes/better error reporting

Version 3.0

    • Navigation – all-new, expanded side navigation menu
    • “What’s New” Screen – learn what’s new when your app is updated
    • Attendance Tracker – new native attendance tracker module to view overall attendance
    • Song Tracker – new native song tracker module to view led songs and song history
    • Finance Tracker – new native finance tracker module to view contribution, budget, expenses
    • Class Tracker – new native class tracker module to view classes, teachers, and materials
    • Member Map – new module to view your membership on a Google Map
    • Message Center – message segment counter replaces the previous character counter
    • Redirected Pages – now pages you have set to redirect automatically do so in the app
    • Deceased Members – now indicated as such if applicable when viewing your directory
    • Bug Fixes – improvements and better error handling

Version 2.0.5

    • Dashboard – now automatically updates and refreshes to ensure content is up-to-date if not manually refreshed
    • Calendar – now automatically scrolls to today’s date/next upcoming date.
    • Sermons – new sermon audio player offers scrub playback control and time display.
    • Sermons – new share options allow you to share a public sermon via link, text message, email, or via your device’s native “share” screen.
    • Articles – new share options allow you to share a public article via link, text message, email, or via your device’s native “share” screen.
    • Assignments – new landing screen offers links to job assignments, participation settings, blockout dates, and replacement requests.
    • Job Assignments – now automatically scrolls to today’s date/next upcoming date.
    • Blockout Dates – new module allows members to enter/manage blockout dates for job assignments.
    • Request Replacement – new module allows members to request replacements for already assigned jobs.

Version 2.0.3

    • Dashboard – new “recently added sermons” and “recent attendance” sections have been added to the dashboard feed
    • Dashboard – view a member’s full directory listing by clicking on members who appear in the “recent directory updates” portion
    • Directory – quickly jump to any portion of the directory with the addition of the alphabet list down the right side of the screen.
    • Calendar – you can now click on a date in the monthly view and be taken to the corresponding event(s) in the event list
    • Job Assignments – now guests and non-members will appear when assigned to job positions

Version 2.0.2

    • Bug fixes

Version 2.0

The Congregate Members app has been completely rebuilt from the ground up and features an all-new interface and native functionality. Designed for iOS and Android, Congregate Members 2.0 offers the following:

    • Native application – faster load and response times thanks to an all-native application.
    • Saved login – no need to continue to login. You’ll stay logged in until you log out.
    • User profile – update selected member account information directly from the app. Your directory photo serves as your profile photo within the app.

New and Updated Features:

    • Dashboard – customized dashboard with today’s news, events, announcements, recent directory updates, and your upcoming job assignments
    • Directory – search for members and member groups, see members’ contact information, one-click member email/call/text, download members to your contacts, get directions to member addresses via Google Maps
    • Calendar –view the member calendar
    • Daily Announcements – view, search, and post new daily announcements
    • News – view current member news posts
    • Job Assignments –monthly job assignments display with direct PDF access for download/printing
    • Message Center – send email, text, and/or voice messages to a member, members, or member group
    • Shared Files – access and download files shared with members
    • Sermons –search and filter public and member-only sermons, play sermon audio with the built-in player, access uploaded sermon files (e.g. PowerPoint, PDF) and video link (if applicable).
    • Articles – search, filter, and view public and member-only articles, access uploaded files (e.g. PDF, Word).
    • Virtual Library – if your church subscribes to the virtual library, access and read all of the bibles, workbooks, commentaries, materials, etc.
    • Account Settings – manage your directory listing, password, participation (job assignments, volunteer tasks, etc.) and communication (reminders, recap emails, etc.) preferences
    • Other Congregate Modules/Member Features – access all of Congregate’s member-only modules directly in the app
    • Custom, User-Added Pages – view and access all your added member pages directly in the app

Version 1.0

    • Initial release
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