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Articles and documents can be uploaded to your website and shared with the public and/or members only. Visitors to your site can share your documents on social media and via the built-in share with a friend email form.

Uploading Documents

    1. To create or upload an article or document, click “New” under Online Media/Files > Articles inside Congregate Admin.
    2. Select the file(s) you wish to upload. An article or document can have multiple files associated with it.
      Recommended and Supported Document Formats (PDF, PPT, DOC, RTF, TXT, HTML)
      We recommend uploading PDF, PowerPoint, Plain or Rich Text, HTML or Word files only to ensure maximum compatibility. (For text only or HTML formatted content, you can opt to enter your content directly on the document page versus uploading a file; see details below for additional information).
    3. Select the date of the article or document.
    4. Select the author (or click “Add New” to add a new author to the list).
    5. Select the topic this document belongs to (or click “Add New” to create a topic).
    6. Select who will have access to this document: the public, members, or both.
    7. Enter the title of the article or document.
    8. Optionally enter a description or the content of the document. If you didn’t upload a file and wish to display your article or document’s content directly on its page, enter your content here.
    9. Optionally add any tag(s) you want to associated with this media. Simply enter comma-separated keywords (e.g., “faith, hope, love, marriage, commitment”).
    10. Select “Active” if you wish your document to be active immediately on your website (inactive documents can be saved and edited later before making them active on your site).
    11. Click “Add” to save your document. Click “Cancel” to cancel.

Managing Documents

To manage your media, click “Manage” under Online Media/Files > Articles inside of Congregate Admin. There you will find a list of all your uploaded documents.

To edit a document, simply click its title or edit icon.

To permanently remove a document, click its trashcan icon.

To bulk update documents, check the checkboxes next to applicable documents and select the following from the “Checkbox Options” dropdown menu: delete. Then click “Apply.”

Displaying/Accessing Documents

Displaying Documents on Your Website

To display public documents on your website, select the page you wish to display your documents on via the “Default Documents Page” selection dropdown on the “Options” page under Online Media/Files > Articles in Congregate Admin. If you do not wish to show public documents, simply select “None.”

Repeat this process and select pages for various document types to appear on. Each document type can have its own page which will only show documents of the same type. If you do not wish to utilize separate pages by document type, simply select “None.”

For members only documents, select the page you wish to display your documents on via the “Member Default Documents Page” selection dropdown, and ensure your page is within your members only section. If you do not wish to utilize member only documents, simply select “None.”


Manage and assign authors associated with your uploaded documents. Tip: You can use the name of your church as an author if you wish to have a “generic” author for documents created or distributed by your congregation.

To add, edit, or remove an author, click “Authors” under Online Media/Files > Articles in Congregate Admin.


Use topics/series/subjects to group media that are in a series or are of a similar subject. (You can select the term that best fits your needs on the options page.)

To add, edit, or remove a topic, click “Topics” under Online Media/Files > Articles in Congregate Admin.


Selecting Display Pages

Use the dropdown menus to select the pages for your documents. If you do not wish to use one of more of the documents pages, select “None” from the dropdown menu to disable them.

Number of Items Per Page

Enter the number of documents to display per page.

Series/Subject/Topic Designation 

Enter the term that best describes how you group documents together. The common terms are “series” or “subject” or “topic.” This is the term that will be used site-wide for viewing and filtering documents by group.

Display Order

Select the order documents will appear on your site: by date (in descending order) or in alphabetical order.

Upload Defaults

Select the default author that will be preselected when uploading new documents to your site.

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