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Adding or Changing a Domain Name

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Your domain name is completely owned and managed by you, our client. Everything related to your domain name, management, and configuration takes place with your domain name registrar and not with Congregate. Your domain name registrar is the company you purchased your domain through and to whom you pay its renewals (e.g., GoDaddy or Network Solutions). Domain names cannot be transferred to Congregate and Congregate is not a domain name registrar.

Adding a Domain Name

You can only have one primary domain name on your account. If you wish to use other domain name(s) with your website, simply configure your alternate domain name(s) to forward or redirect to your primary domain name. For example, if you use “” but also owned “” and wanted both to load your Congregate site, configure the “” domain to forward/redirect to “” All forwarding and redirecting is done with your domain name provider or DNS manager. Contact your domain name provider or DNS manager if you need assistance in setting up domain name forwarding. Congregate does not park or support multiple domain names per account.

If you wish to purchase new domain name(s), you’ll need to do so with a domain name registrar (e.g., GoDaddy or Network Solutions). You cannot purchase domain names through Congregate.

Changing Domain Names

If for some reason you should need to replace or change your main domain name, please contact our support team first. You can only have one primary domain name on your account and it must be added to our systems before it can be used in conjunction with our DNS and/or IP address.

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