User Accounts and Permissions

Member and administrator accounts made simple.

Managing and assigning member accounts and administrator permissions is very easy. Each member can request an account directly on your site or an administrator can set up accounts for members. An administrator can elect to send out automated account invitation emails, inviting members without an account to register for one.

After an account has been requested, an administrator simply selects which member in the directory the account should be paired with and the permissions that user should be granted. Members will then have access to the member-only features of your website.

Complete access control with permission groups. 

You can create an unlimited number of permission groups and assign members or administrators to one or more groups… providing endless possibilities and complete control over your site. Permissions include both the viewing and/or editing of pages and all modules/features inside Congregate Admin.

There are no shared member accounts and/or universal passwords for your membership.

  • Each member account has its own permissions, username, and password
  • Members can request accounts or administrators can create them
  • Account request emails can invite members without an account to register for one
  • Unlimited number of permission groups with full customization for member and administrator accounts (e.g., view only, view and edit, full access)
  • Passwords are encrypted and account information is secure