Third-Party Integrations

Add live streaming, online giving, and more to your site.

Congregate makes it easy for you to add third-party products and services to your website. Whether in a widget or on nearly any page of your site, you can implement additional features such as:

  • Live streaming (YouTube Live, UStream, Livestream, etc.)
  • Online giving/donations (PayPal, Easy Tithe, etc.)
  • Social media feeds (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • Online forms (Google Forms, JotForm, WuFoo, etc.)
  • Videos (Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
  • Google Maps
  • And more…
Simple integration inside or outside your website.

Nearly every vendor will offer a way to directly integrate and embed their services into your site. If they offer an “embed code” simply copy and paste the code on your site to integrate their service. You could also choose to create a link in your navigation menu (public or members only) and link directly to an outside product or service.

While Congregate is not in the business of live streaming, online giving, etc. we want to make it simple and easy for churches to integrate such services directly on their sites.

  • Use embed codes to add nearly any outside product or service to your site
  • Add off-site links in your navigation menu to additional service providers
  • Add functionality such as live streaming, online giving, and online forms
  • Display content from sources such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Google Maps
  • Included in all Congregate monthly service plans
  • Third party products and services are both offered and billed by third-party providers.