Sermons and Podcasts

Uploading, finding, and listening to sermons is simple.

It’s easy to share sermons, bible classes, and special series on your website. Our simple uploader allows you to upload MP3 files in addition to supplemental sermon files (e.g., PDF’s, PowerPoints, Word Documents). Directly link to a sermon’s video hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Tag your sermons with speaker, series, service, topic, and passages to make it easy for listeners to find the sermons they’re looking for.

Built-in Google Analytics support allows administrators to see which sermons are popular and most listened to on your website.

Automatic podcast feeds and built-in social media sharing. 

To make it easier to share your sermons, Congregate automatically creates podcasts listeners can subscribe to on their own devices. Podcasts can also be submitted to AppleGoogleSpotify, etc. podcast directories to make your feeds easy to find.

Sermons can be shared on multiple social media platforms and emailed to friends and family. Sermons uploaded over the past week are included in the optional weekly recap email, offering members quick access to the sermons preached that week.

  • Upload sermons with additional support documents (PDF, PPT, DOC, etc.)
  • Link directly to sermon videos hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  • Tag sermons with title, speaker, series, service, date, passages, etc.
  • Share sermons on social media platforms and email to friends and family
  • Built-in podcast feeds and ability to add to Apple, Google, Spotify, etc. podcast listings
  • Previous week’s sermons can appear in the weekly recap email