Resource Inventory Manager

Keep better track of your resources.

Congregate makes keeping track of your church library and resources simple. Inventory items on your site and allow members to browse and search for items in your collection, see what items are currently being borrowed by other members, and more.

Easily add books, commentaries, vacation bible school props – anything you have in your resource library – complete with stock numbers, photos, categories, and unlimited custom attributes.

Solve problems and prevent missing items.

If your church owns several materials and resources for members to borrow or use, usually one of two problems will arise: an item goes missing or you can’t remember who borrowed an item. Now you can manage both your items and borrowers to prevent either problem from occurring again.

By keeping track of your inventory and what items members are borrowing, Congregate makes it easy to ensure everyone can find what they’re looking for and that no one forgets to return their borrowed items again.

  • Inventory your church library and resource items, complete with photos and stock numbers
  • Members can search for items “in stock” and see what items other members may have borrowed
  • Search by title, author, category, stock status, plus unlimited custom fields