Online Virtual Library

A library that’s always growing at a cost that stays the same.

Congregate’s virtual library makes it simple and affordable to provide books, workbooks, commentaries, and other materials to your members. With agreements between well-known publishers, authors, and booksellers (including One Stone Press, DeWard Publishing, and more), you’ll be able to provide a variety of content to your members in a library that’s always growing and at a fixed monthly cost.

There are no membership-tiers or pricing per number of members/users, just a simple flat-rate to allow all of your members read-only access to a wealth of Bible-based materials.

Content in its entirety – not just samples/previews.

Members can access the library on their computers and even on-the-go via their mobile devices. Additionally, if a member enjoys any of the material he or she is reading and would like to purchase a physical copy, subscribers receive a discount at One Stone…making it affordable to add to their personal collection or as a gift to others.

Material within the collection is designed for reading only. Printing, duplication, or distribution of any material is prohibited and disabled. The virtual library is a premium service that can be added to any monthly service plan.

  • Over 100+ full-length books and materials
  • Affordable monthly price
  • Unlimited number of members/users
  • New content is continually added to the library
  • Search and browse by release date, author, subject, and publisher
  • Ability to read material on desktop/laptop computers, tablets and mobile phones
  • Save when and if you choose to purchase physical copies from One Stone