Email, Text, MMS, Voice Messaging

Communicate information through multiple channels.

With Congregate, it’s easy to stay in touch with your membership in three ways: email, text messages, MMS (multimedia messages – photo, video, etc.), and voice messages. You can contact members anytime via the Congregate message center. Members (who have the qualifying permissions) can also send messages to other members or groups/lists. Messages can also be held for approval, allowing even more control and moderation of emails being sent from members.

Unlimited email sending is included in every service plan. Text, MMS, and/or voice messaging requires a premium messaging service plan that can be added or removed from your account at any time.

Text or call with urgent updates. Gather faster responses.

While email is a great means of communication, sometimes sending a text message or calling a member will get their attention more quickly. With our premium messaging service plans, you can text and/or call members directly from the message center.

Congregate’s one-way text and voice messages come from a Congregate-provided exclusive local phone number for your church, meaning members can save the number to their devices/address book. No more messages from short codes or random phone numbers.

Text and/or voice messages are great for service time changes/cancellations, urgent messages, other last-minute information you need to distribute to your membership, or if you’re quickly seeking assistance or volunteers.

  • Send unlimited emails world-wide at no extra cost
  • Text, voice, and MMS numbers in the United States with our premium messaging service plans
  • Message one or multiple members (all members, member groups, all members except certain members, visitors, and custom mailing lists)
  • Members can use the message center with various levels of permission (who can send messages, to whom, if an administrator must first approve the message, etc.)