Member Interest Finder

Connect various members with similar interests.

Collect and log information about members’ interests outside of church. Find their activities, how their free time is spent, their hobbies, their interests, etc. Leaders can then create a custom list of possible activities/interests and members can then select the ones they are interested in.

Perfect for larger churches, leaders and other members can now search and find other members who are interested in the same things.

Grow relationships outside of the assembly.

Finding outside-of-worship activities that will appeal to everyone involved is an important part of growing member relationships. The member interest finder can make planning events and activities for smaller groups of members a breeze.

If a new member is feeling isolated or alone inside a large church, the member interest finder is the fastest way to connect him or her with other members who he or she may not know have similar interests and common ground.

  • Members can manage and select their own interests
  • Members and leaders can search for other members who share similar interests
  • Perfect for networking and finding shared interests in larger congregations