Member Directory

Access your member directory anytime, anyplace.

Have your member directory online, offline, and on the devices of members…all up-to-date. Members can view the directory on your website, on their mobile devices, download and sync with their address books on their phones/devices, or save offline to a printable PDF file (perfect for those without computer access). Administrators can manually add member data or import it with our spreadsheet template. With an unlimited number of custom data fields, churches can collect as much information per member as needed. Using built-in Google Maps, members can easily get directions to other members’ homes.

Member groups can be used to separate members in the directory into sub-groups that can then be used for various modules within Congregate, including the message center, attendance, and many others. Congregate supports an unlimited number of member groups and members can be joined to multiple groups.

Make it easy for member data to stay up-to-date.

Members can keep their own information up-to-date by updating their contact information directly from within their account. Changes to any member’s directory information is automatically included on the member dashboard and on the optional weekly recap email, making it easy to see when any updates have occurred.

To further ensure your members’ data is always up-to-date, Congregate can email your membership and ask them to confirm and/or update their directory and contact information. Administrators can see when each member has accomplished this task, and manually update/confirm the information for those who do not use computers or have a member account.

  • Include current and former members in your directory
  • Sort by alphabetical order, newest members, recently updated members, and more
  • Unlimited custom private and public data fields
  • Address book download for syncing with members’ mobile phones/devices
  • Easily view the directory online and on your device with our mobile apps
  • Members can update their own contact information and photos
  • Members are automatically notified of any changes to member contact information on the member dashboard and optional weekly recap email
  • Unlimited number of member groups for use in the directory and other modules
  • Contact information verification requests can be sent to members
  • Import directory data into Congregate manually or via spreadsheet
  • PDF export for printing, spreadsheet export for custom manipulation