Leadership CRM

Track interactions with members and visitors with ease.

The leadership CRM is a powerful tool for your church leaders that helps log and track all interactions (i.e., meetings, phone calls, emails, in-person chats, text messages, etc.) between themselves and members or visitors.

Like any other contact resource manager (CRM), leaders can log interactions, notes, and log who all was involved. If a member or visitor has been in contact with multiple leaders over a given period of time, it’s easy for each leader to review the interaction history to get up-to-speed on the member’s or visitor’s interactions.

Stay in the loop.

Whether it’s encouraging members or attempting to convert a visitor, having multiple encounters with multiple people over long periods of time can become cumbersome. With the leadership CRM, easily note those interactions with members and visitors so you don’t forget your progress later or the progress made with another leader.

Filter and review details of members and/or visitors by date range and their initial point of contact.

With the leadership CRM, leaders can stay up-to-date simply by reviewing a member or visitor’s interaction history…all in a single location.

  • Track calls, messages, conversations, and meetings between members/visitors and church leaders
  • Add notes, logs, and share information about your interactions with other leaders
  • Similar to a CRM, all your history with a member/visitor is kept in one place
  • Search and review logs for members/visitors based on types of interactions, their initial point of contact, and more