Job Assignment Scheduler

Let Congregate do all the heavy lifting.

Save hours of time and effort when it comes to assigning jobs or creating the duty roster for your members. Whether public worship assignments, jobs inside and outside the assembly, or even volunteer tasks, Congregate’s job assignment scheduler can help. Instead of managing multiple lists of members, their job preferences, determining whose turn it is, and spending time to develop the month’s assignments, let Congregate do it all for you. There is full control over what jobs members want, which jobs they are allowed to perform, and you can override any and all automated assignments.

You can always have access to the job assignment list/calendar on your website, mobile device, and personal calendar (via iCAL subscription). The export to PDF option allows you to create a traditional printed copy you can download and print anytime.

More power to the members.

Members (with permission) can select the jobs they are willing to do and change their preferences at any time…meaning you don’t have to update your manual records and try to keep up with everyone’s changes.

No longer do you have to worry about members forgetting about their assignments, trying to find last-minute replacements for no-shows, and/or keep track of who may be sick or out of town.

To aid in members remembering their assignments, Congregate can automatically email, text, and/or call members to remind them of their upcoming jobs. It’s easy to create custom reminder messages and determine when they should be sent.

Members can enter block-out dates (e.g., vacations, work trips, etc.) and jobs will not be assigned to them during their absences. Congregate also allows members to request a replacement or cancelation directly online…not just in person at the last minute.

  • Public worship jobs and volunteer tasks can be auto-assigned (based on willingness and order)
  • Manually assign jobs or modify any auto-assigned positions
  • Unlimited number of jobs with multiple one-time and recurring options
  • Full control over each job’s permissions, allowances, and assignments
  • Members with permission can update their job and volunteer preferences
  • Receive automated job reminders via email, text, and/or voice message
  • Members can request assignment replacements, cancellations, and enter block-out dates indicating when they are unavailable
  • Subscribe to the job assignments calendar via iCAL feed
  • Print and save the job assignments calendar to a PDF or CSV file