Hymn and Song Tracking

Powerful data to improve your song service.

Members and song leaders can now easily see what songs have been sung during your assemblies, who led them, and how often they’re being led. Great for song leaders, Congregate’s song tracker allows leaders to find songs that are led too often or most-recently and songs that have never been led or last led long ago.

Members can view by date range, a song’s history, or a song leader’s history to find all the information pertaining to your song services.

Non-song leaders can use the song request form to inform song leaders of songs they wish to have sung.

Create song lists and add your own songs/books.

Song leaders can benefit from the song list creator, allowing them to prepare their song service in advance and either print or submit the song list online to the appropriate person(s) – perfect for congregations who have someone in charge of preparing song projections.

Additional options include the ability to import your own songs and song books, and using Congregate’s mobile web interface or mobile app, easily log led songs while at the assembly.

  • Document all the songs sung during your assembly (including the leader’s name, service, date, and songbook)
  • Find the most- and least-sung songs, songs that have never been sung, and those most-recently sung
  • View songs led by a particular leader to find trends and repeats
  • Song leaders can prepare and submit/print song lists
  • Members can request songs to be led with the song request form
  • Add your own custom books and/or songs to the database