Finance Tracking

Simplified numbers at your fingertips.

Post your contribution, budget, and expenses for members to view, just as many congregations do inside their church buildings.

Allow members to regularly see if the church’s budget/expenses are being met and see any fluctuation in contributions/donations. View overall expenses, itemized expense categories, and search or filter within any given date range.

The previous week’s financial data can also be included in the optional weekly recap email, sent to members each week.

Easy in. Easy out.

Financial data can be inputted and viewed via Congregate’s mobile web interface or mobile app, making it easy to add financial data while in the assembly or anywhere else. Administrators and church leaders can benefit from a spreadsheet export, allowing all the financial data entered into Congregate to be downloaded.

While not designed to be a replacement for financial management software or per-member contribution and donation tracking, Congregate makes it easy to communicate the simplified financial information members and leaders can benefit from.

  • Track your overall contributions, expenses, and budget (does not track per-member contributions)
  • Support for multiple expense categories
  • Detailed date-based reports, graphs, and spreadsheet export
  • Use as a supplement to your accounting software/records to keep members up-to-date