Digital Member Photo Wall

A modern, always up-to-date view of your membership.

The digital member photo wall can replace the traditional “membership picture wall” in the foyer of many church buildings. Using a special webpage you can load on a computer, tablet, or HDTV, membership photos can be displayed in a variety of ways. When a member is added or removed from your Congregate directory, his or her photo is also added/removed from the digital member photo wall.

No more having to manage a printed picture wall and the online directory separately, or rearrange your printed pictures when a member is added or removed.

Customization and functionality to meet your needs.

With multiple view, size, and color options, you can customize the digital member photo wall to your liking. Choose from showing individual members or a grid showing any number of members on the screen at any given time.

Using an automated timer, the photos can be displayed for a set amount of time before automatically advancing to the next member/grid screen. For faster access to any given member, use the search function to allow users to start typing the name of the member they wish to view (requires a touchscreen or device with attached keyboard/mouse). Set a refresh timer to automatically reload the page to ensure members and their photos are always up-to-date.

  • Consolidate your membership picture wall and online directory
  • Members/photos are automatically synced with your Congregate directory
  • Save time, paper, and ink by no longer printing member photos
  • Multiple size, format, font, color, and logo options for full customization
  • Display on HDTV’s, computers, and/or tablets