Daily and Weekly Recap Emails

Daily updates and announcements. Consolidated.

No longer send members multiple emails throughout the day with short, non-urgent announcements and updates. Instead, post the updates throughout the day to your Congregate’s daily announcements and have a single, consolidated email sent to subscribed members containing all of the current day’s announcements delivered at the end of each day. Members (with permission) can post their own updates and announcements to also be included in the email. Announcements can be viewed on your website anytime, even before the daily recap email is sent.

Use Congregate’s message center to send urgent and time-sensitive announcements anytime throughout the day or night.

The week in review and next week’s preview.

Members can elect to receive an automated weekly email that contains all of the previous week’s updates to your site– including news and blog posts, sermons, church visitor information, contribution/financial data, and attendance totals.

Also included is the upcoming week’s events on the member calendar (including member birthdays and anniversaries), job assignments, and a listing of new members and members whose contact information has been updated in the directory.

Leaders and members (with permission) can subscribe to the weekly attendance recap email which details members who were absent during the previous week’s services and for what reasons (if provided).

  • Automatically sent to subscribed members each day and/or week
  • Ability to customize day and/or time sent
  • All of the previous week’s posts/content/information, new and updated member contact information, and the upcoming week’s events/assignments included in the weekly recap email
  • The previous week’s attendance totals and per-member attendance data is included in the weekly attendance recap email
  • All current day announcements are included in the daily recap email
  • An automated and simple way to keep members informed on a regular basis