Church Visitor Tracking

Better log and connect with visitors.

Make local church visitors feel right at home with Congregate’s visitor tracker – which not only allows you to capture visitor information and record each time they visit, but can automatically assign members to perform visitor follow-up tasks, such as sending a thank you card or email.

Have visitors scan a custom QR code or enter a URL to submit their information directly on your website or manually add visitors inside Congregate Admin. Once a visitor is entered into the system, it’s easy to record each repeat visit using the Congregate web interface and/or mobile app.

Automated local and non-local visitor email list creation makes it easy to send news and announcements via email to visitors who may be interested in attending, without guessing who lives nearby and who was visiting from out-of-town. An unlimited number of custom data fields makes it easy to collect the information you desire from visitors.

Have your membership engaged like never before.

To follow-up with visitors, you can create an unlimited number of follow-up tasks and Congregate can automatically assign them to willing members. Members are then provided all of the visitor’s information (visit history, any previous follow-up tasks that were completed, etc.) via email and/or text message. Visitors can now have a personalized follow-up from a different member each time.

The previous week’s visitor information is automatically included in the optional weekly recap email, sent to members each week…making it easy for members to see who has been visiting and how often.

  • Visitors can input their own information via your website and via a custom QR code
  • Manually input local church visitor information via Congregate Admin
  • Record and view visit history and notes for each visitor
  • Allow members to view visitor information
  • The previous week’s visitors can be included in the optional weekly recap email
  • Create and auto-assign visitor follow-up tasks for members, complete with automated email, text, and/or voice message reminders
  • Automatic email mailing list creation for both local and non-local visitors
  • Visitor-to-member conversion (for visitors who become members)