Bible Class Tracker

View past classes and simplify future class planning.

Track and log each of your Bible/Sunday school classes, complete with teacher(s), topic(s), age group, date-range, notes, and even uploaded class material. This makes it easy to go back in your church’s history to see what classes were taught, by whom, to whom, and what material was used.

With this information, it’s easy to see what future classes need to be taught, when, and to whom. The Bible class tracker is perfect for churches who plan to cover/re-cover topics and Bible books on a regular basis and throughout various age groups.

Easy teacher and student access to class materials.

Teachers can also benefit from the ability to use previous teachers’ notes and/or uploaded class materials in previously logged classes. This makes it simple to know exactly what was taught – and how – in previous classes.

Members with permission can also view and search for current classes, allowing them to download any handouts, worksheets, etc. the teacher may have uploaded for them. Teachers now have a single location to store and share all their class materials with their students.

  • Keep a log of all your Bible/Sunday school classes
  • Use to determine when a previous class/topic was last taught and to whom
  • Teacher names, topics, ages, materials, notes and uploads can be included
  • Search previous classes by teacher, topic, age, or class
  • Members can download material uploaded by teachers
  • New teachers can view previous teachers’ notes, materials, etc.