Attendance Tracking

Find trends and keep members accountable.

It’s easy to keep track of three different types of attendance: overall (i.e. total number of people at a service), per-member (i.e. marking a member present or absent at a service), and total number of visitors.

Overall attendance numbers can be easily inputted into Congregate and then automatically included in the optional weekly recap email and/or on your website to allow members to view previous attendance numbers and graphs.

Per-member attendance is a powerful way to keep track of your members and see if there are any absence trends growing among any given members. With the ability to include the reason for each member’s absence, you can quickly tag absences due to sickness, work, school, vacation, etc.

Visitor attendance can include the overall number of visitors at a given service, and using Congregate’s church visitor tracker, you can collect and log details about each and every visitor, including their visit history.

Taking attendance and viewing data is simple.

Taking attendance during your assemblies is easy with our mobile web interface and/or mobile app. Simply select the members who are present and optionally give reasons for those who are absent. You can have multiple people taking attendance at the same time on multiple devices. You always have the ability to go back and modify any attendance records at any given time.

The optional weekly recap email can be sent to your leadership and/or members so they are informed of who was absent and why during the previous week. With multiple built-in reports, you can view the attendance of particular member(s) over any given time, find members with consecutive absences, and find trends in your attendance. Export all your attendance data to a spreadsheet for further data manipulation and/or additional reporting.

  • Track overall, visitor, and per-member attendance
  • View charts and graphs to see trends, highs and lows
  • Mobile, real-time interface for taking member attendance on mobile devices
  • Ability to include reasons for absences and default member absences
  • Run reports to find absences per member by date/service/consecutive weeks
  • Ability to export attendance data to a spreadsheet
  • Optional automated weekly recap emails can detail member absences from the previous week