Pitch Pipe
by Congregate

The Pitch Pipe by Congregate app brings your pitch pipe and song list straight to your mobile device.


Perfect for song and worship leaders to:

  • Play notes on a chromatic pitch pipe (C-C)
  • Type and view custom text/song lists/notes
  • Insert playable notes into the custom text field
  • Adjust the font size using the slider
  • See the note you’re singing on screen (when “live pitch detection” mode is active)
  • Switch between light and dark color modes

Your notes and pitch pipe are always visible on the same screen.

This free app can be used by anyone; a Congregate subscription is NOT required.

C-C Pitch Pipe

Live Pitch Detection

Custom Text Notes

Note Recognition

Apple Watch Support

Chromatic C-C pitch pipe

Tap any of the notes on the chromatic C-C pitch pipe to hear one second of each note. Use the built-in volume slider to control the loudness of the pitch pipe’s sounds.

Choose to view the pitch pipe in light or dark modes to match your display preference.

Custom text, notes field

Use the custom text field to add text which always appears on-screen along with the pitch pipe. This field is perfect for song and worship leaders who wish to type their song lists (noting the key of each song and the verses they wish to lead), worship order, and any other custom notes.

Notes are saved even after closing the app and you can use the font size slider to control the size of your notes.

Text Note Recognition

When entering your custom text you can insert tappable notes that will play their corresponding notes on the pitch pipe. Simply enter the note you wish to make playable by placing it within brackets. For example [C#], [B], or [Eb]. Recognized notes will appear in orange and you can tap them to play the note. Never pitch the wrong note again.

Live pitch detection

When enabled, see the note you’re singing on screen automatically or on-demand.

After clicking a note on the pitch pipe, pitch detection will automatically activate for five seconds. To use on-demand, simply tap the microphone icon in the middle of the pitch pipe. Tap again to stop the pitch detection.

Apple Watch Support

Access the pitch pipe on your Apple Watch, complete with volume control.