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Congregate is a three-in-one product.

Over 30+ combined features aid the public, your members, and your leadership like no other platform can.

Congregate enhances the web presence of local churches and improves communication, cooperation, and simplifies tasks between church members and leaders. The Congregate administration console is easy enough for any non-tech-savvy person to use and make updates to your site. Congregate comes standard with 30+ features; use as many or as few as you like, without paying any extra. We guarantee your congregation and visitors to your church/website will benefit from this robust system.

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We’ve serviced local churches for over 15 years.

Congregate launched in 2009 and currently services thousands inside and outside the United States.

Congregate was born out of an overwhelming request from local churches to develop a custom website allowing them to keep the content updated without any coding or web experience. Instead of resorting to a pre-built CMS (content management system) solution, we decided to create our own CMS, not only offering the public website churches were looking for, but also offering exclusive back-end features aiding members and church leaders. Congregate has grown over time to become the feature-rich, three-fold church website and congregational toolbox it is today, complete with features you can’t get anywhere else. Congregate is always improving – we listen to our clients and release updates and new features on a regular basis. Congregate is truly the all-in-solution designed by Christians for Christians and local churches.

Congregate is a product and service provided by DP Media Group. DP Media Group is a digital production company that has created numerous web-based applications, platforms, mobile apps, and custom websites for clients across the country. To learn more about DP Media Group, visit


Large or small, Congregate can go to work for your local church.

“Congregate is the equivalent to sliced bread or a pocket on a shirt! It does everything that I used to spend literally hours doing on FrontPage (and more) but with just a few simple clicks. I can spend my time actually evangelizing rather than trying to figure out why a block of text won’t stay where I put it or why my website looks different on every computer who views it. I don’t ever want anything else…”

John Mundy

“We used to have someone spend two hours each month putting together the monthly work list for our congregation…with Congregate it now takes about 20 seconds to generate our work list, and when replacements happen, it’s just a click of a button to know who is supposed to fill in. If this was the only benefit it would be worth every penny, but there is so much more.”

Jeff Brittenham

“Not even in this age can one look elsewhere and find such a feature-rich, user-friendly web solution for congregations of all sizes. Congregate is the market.”

Brandon Trout

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