CongreGATE v5.6 Released

Today we are happy to announce the release of CongreGATE v5.6 – a free update for all clients.

ALL-NEW! Newest Members Page – You can now assign a new member-only page to display your newest members to the congregation. Similar to the display of the directory page, the newest members page will only display members who are new to your congregation for X number of days (after that they will no longer appear on the page.) This allows members to see and find the newest members, separate from the rest of the membership directory.

ALL-NEW! Dropdown Menus – We’ve updated our dropdown menus to allow you to start typing the name of the menu item (member name, song title, job position, etc.) to quickly jump to the item you’re looking for without scrolling through a list.

Pop-up Sermon Player – We’ve enlarged the pop-up sermon/media player window for easier access to the seek bar.

Social Media Icons – We’ve updated and simplified the social media/share icons and buttons on pages that allow you to share content across social media networks.

CAPTCHA Enhancement – We’ve updated our CAPTCHA system (which detects human visitors vs. spam bots) to make it easier for visitors and members to submit forms, emails, posts, etc. on your website by simply clicking a checkbox rather than entering a validation code.

File System/Server Enhancement – We’ve updated our file system so that your uploaded files and media read/write to our servers in a unified location. Your website should see a slight increase in speed in correlation with this update as well.

New Passage of the Day Feed – We’ve integrated a new daily, single-verse feed from Bible Gateway to our standard template that appears on the “passage of the day” tab on your homepage.

Multiple Bug Fixes – We’ve been hard at work to correct multiple bugs and “glitches” in the system from your submissions and our multiple automated test scripts.