CongreGATE v5.5 Released

Today we are happy to announce the release of CongreGATE v5.5 – a free update for all clients. This update includes all-new features and enhancements making this the best version of CongreGATE yet.

ALL-NEW! Bible Class Tracker – Now you can track and log each of your bible classes – complete with teacher(s), topic(s), age group, date-range, notes, and even upload material. This makes it easy to go back in your history to see what classes were taught, by whom, what material was used, etc. With this information, it’s easy to see what classes need to be taught, when, and to which age group. Teachers can also benefit from previous teachers’ notes and/or uploaded material.

ALL-NEW! Interaction Tracker –  The Interaction Tracker is a powerful tool for your leaders that help log and track interactions (meetings, phone calls, emails, in-person chats, etc.) between them and members or visitors. Similar to a CRM, you can log interactions, notes, and record who was involved. Now if a member or visitor has interacted with multiple leaders, it’s easy for them to review the interaction history without having to be filled in by each person; you’re always up to date.

ALL-NEW! Foyer Membership Display –  The Foyer Membership Display module is a special website that you can load in your foyer on a computer, iPad, or HDTV that displays your members’ photos – like a traditional “member wall.” With multiple view, size, and color options, you can customize the display. Now when a new member is added or removed from the directory, their photo is too in the foyer. No more having to manage a printed photo wall and the online directory separately.

Login Enhancements – We’ve updated our login system so that devices better remember your login information and keep you logged in for an extended period of time when you elect ‘remember me.’

Job Assignments Printed Date –  Now when you print your job assignments/export them to PDF, the print date will appear at the bottom so you can ensure your printout is up-to-date.

Style/Template Editor Additions –  We’ve added new controls and options to the Style/Template Editor page giving you more control over the appearance of your site, including the ability to upload a larger 1440×1440 podcast image required by Apple in order to add your podcast to the iTunes Podcast Directory.

Larger Photo Directory PDF Export – Larger photo directory PDF export option allows you to export members/families per page allowing for more information and larger photos.

Set Custom Page URL’s –  Now you can specify the slug/URL for each of your pages. For example, you can set the page “Sermons and Media” to the URL /sermons, /media, or /sermons-and-media…anything you’d like.

Enhanced Directory Updates – Now when a member (or admin) updates any part of their contact information in their directory listing, the field(s) updated are now shown on the member dashboard and weekly summary email. Now you’ll know what a member has updated when they appear in the “directory updates” portions of the dashboard/summary email.

“Deceased” Member Status – You can now classify a [former] member as “deceased” in the directory. This allows the former member to still be listed as part of a family, etc. even though they have passed away. Users can view/filter by deceased members and such members will have “(Deceased)” automatically added after their name in the directory.

Additional Custom Directory Fields Options – Now you can control which custom data fields appear publicly on your website and which ones you would like to include on your PDF export/printable directory.

Enhanced Visitor Tracker Email Messaging – Now you can use the rich text/HTML message composer when sending emails to visitors within the Visitor Tracker message center.

Visitor Tracker Map – Now you can see where all your local church visitors are located on the visitor map. Using your visitors’ contact information inputted to the Visitor Tracker, you can now get a visual of your visitors’ locations in relation to your church with the support of Google Maps.

Attendance Member Groups – Now you can select which member group(s) should be used in taking member attendance so that non-applicable member groups do not appear.