CongreGATE v5.1 Released

Today we are happy to announce the release of CongreGATE v5.1 – a free update for all clients. This update includes all-new features and enhancements making this the best version of CongreGATE yet.

NEW! Widgets – Homepage and subpage “ads” have now been replaced by widgets, allowing you to place images, video, HTML and now the most recent sermons, news, blog posts, events, and articles directly on your site.

NEW! Daily Announcements – Members and leaders can now post announcements to the ‘daily announcements’ page within your members section to share news, prayer requests, updates, etc. with the membership. The most recent announcements appear on the member dashboard and at the end of the day, members can elect to get an email that contains all of that day’s announcements.

NEW! Member Confirmed Job Assignments –  Members can now confirm their job assignments with a special link provided in their text or email reminder. Confirming their job informs admins/leaders that the member is aware of their upcoming assignment(s) and has confirmed they plan to fulfill their obligations. Admins can also view who has not confirmed their job assignments, indicating a possible replacement may need necessary.

NEW! Responsive Frontend – Now your public website will display beautifully on mobile devices and tablets due to our new responsive features. When the platform detects a mobile device, your site is automatically reformatted for the best mobile experience with updated navigation, page layout, text sizes, etc. Now you have a truly mobile and desktop website.

NEW! CongreGATE Themes – Now you can choose from our theme collection to change the layout of your site.

Retina Image Support – Now you can choose to upload high-resolution images to your site for better display on retina and high-resolution displays/mobile devices.

Improved My Account Settings Tabs – Tabs have been consolidated for better grouping of communication (weekly summaries, reminders, etc.) and participation (jobs, volunteering, visitor follow-up, etc.) preferences.

Improved Attendance Summary Emails – The overall attendance numbers for the given week have now been added to the weekly attendance summary emails.

Improved Weekly Summary Emails – The upcoming week’s job assignments have been added to the weekly summary emails.

Improved One Stone Biblical Resources Discount – Now CongreGATE clients receive 5% off + FREE shipping on all orders placed at One Stone Biblical Resources. Click “Biblical Resources” the the admin console to start shopping and saving.