CongreGATE v5.6 Released

Today we are happy to announce the release of CongreGATE v5.6 – a free update for all clients.

ALL-NEW! Newest Members Page – You can now assign a new member-only page to display your newest members to the congregation. Similar to the display of the directory page, the newest members page will only display members who are new to your congregation for X number of days (after that they will no longer appear on the page.) This allows members to see and find the newest members, separate from the rest of the membership directory.

ALL-NEW! Dropdown Menus – We’ve updated our dropdown menus to allow you to start typing the name of the menu item (member name, song title, job position, etc.) to quickly jump to the item you’re looking for without scrolling through a list.

Pop-up Sermon Player – We’ve enlarged the pop-up sermon/media player window for easier access to the seek bar.

Social Media Icons – We’ve updated and simplified the social media/share icons and buttons on pages that allow you to share content across social media networks.

CAPTCHA Enhancement – We’ve updated our CAPTCHA system (which detects human visitors vs. spam bots) to make it easier for visitors and members to submit forms, emails, posts, etc. on your website by simply clicking a checkbox rather than entering a validation code.

File System/Server Enhancement – We’ve updated our file system so that your uploaded files and media read/write to our servers in a unified location. Your website should see a slight increase in speed in correlation with this update as well.

New Passage of the Day Feed – We’ve integrated a new daily, single-verse feed from Bible Gateway to our standard template that appears on the “passage of the day” tab on your homepage.

Multiple Bug Fixes – We’ve been hard at work to correct multiple bugs and “glitches” in the system from your submissions and our multiple automated test scripts.

CongreGATE v5.5 Released

Today we are happy to announce the release of CongreGATE v5.5 – a free update for all clients. This update includes all-new features and enhancements making this the best version of CongreGATE yet.

ALL-NEW! Bible Class Tracker – Now you can track and log each of your bible classes – complete with teacher(s), topic(s), age group, date-range, notes, and even upload material. This makes it easy to go back in your history to see what classes were taught, by whom, what material was used, etc. With this information, it’s easy to see what classes need to be taught, when, and to which age group. Teachers can also benefit from previous teachers’ notes and/or uploaded material.

ALL-NEW! Interaction Tracker –  The Interaction Tracker is a powerful tool for your leaders that help log and track interactions (meetings, phone calls, emails, in-person chats, etc.) between them and members or visitors. Similar to a CRM, you can log interactions, notes, and record who was involved. Now if a member or visitor has interacted with multiple leaders, it’s easy for them to review the interaction history without having to be filled in by each person; you’re always up to date.

ALL-NEW! Foyer Membership Display –  The Foyer Membership Display module is a special website that you can load in your foyer on a computer, iPad, or HDTV that displays your members’ photos – like a traditional “member wall.” With multiple view, size, and color options, you can customize the display. Now when a new member is added or removed from the directory, their photo is too in the foyer. No more having to manage a printed photo wall and the online directory separately.

Login Enhancements – We’ve updated our login system so that devices better remember your login information and keep you logged in for an extended period of time when you elect ‘remember me.’

Job Assignments Printed Date –  Now when you print your job assignments/export them to PDF, the print date will appear at the bottom so you can ensure your printout is up-to-date.

Style/Template Editor Additions –  We’ve added new controls and options to the Style/Template Editor page giving you more control over the appearance of your site, including the ability to upload a larger 1440×1440 podcast image required by Apple in order to add your podcast to the iTunes Podcast Directory.

Larger Photo Directory PDF Export – Larger photo directory PDF export option allows you to export members/families per page allowing for more information and larger photos.

Set Custom Page URL’s –  Now you can specify the slug/URL for each of your pages. For example, you can set the page “Sermons and Media” to the URL /sermons, /media, or /sermons-and-media…anything you’d like.

Enhanced Directory Updates – Now when a member (or admin) updates any part of their contact information in their directory listing, the field(s) updated are now shown on the member dashboard and weekly summary email. Now you’ll know what a member has updated when they appear in the “directory updates” portions of the dashboard/summary email.

“Deceased” Member Status – You can now classify a [former] member as “deceased” in the directory. This allows the former member to still be listed as part of a family, etc. even though they have passed away. Users can view/filter by deceased members and such members will have “(Deceased)” automatically added after their name in the directory.

Additional Custom Directory Fields Options – Now you can control which custom data fields appear publicly on your website and which ones you would like to include on your PDF export/printable directory.

Enhanced Visitor Tracker Email Messaging – Now you can use the rich text/HTML message composer when sending emails to visitors within the Visitor Tracker message center.

Visitor Tracker Map – Now you can see where all your local church visitors are located on the visitor map. Using your visitors’ contact information inputted to the Visitor Tracker, you can now get a visual of your visitors’ locations in relation to your church with the support of Google Maps.

Attendance Member Groups – Now you can select which member group(s) should be used in taking member attendance so that non-applicable member groups do not appear.

CongreGATE v5.1 Released

Today we are happy to announce the release of CongreGATE v5.1 – a free update for all clients. This update includes all-new features and enhancements making this the best version of CongreGATE yet.

NEW! Widgets – Homepage and subpage “ads” have now been replaced by widgets, allowing you to place images, video, HTML and now the most recent sermons, news, blog posts, events, and articles directly on your site.

NEW! Daily Announcements – Members and leaders can now post announcements to the ‘daily announcements’ page within your members section to share news, prayer requests, updates, etc. with the membership. The most recent announcements appear on the member dashboard and at the end of the day, members can elect to get an email that contains all of that day’s announcements.

NEW! Member Confirmed Job Assignments –  Members can now confirm their job assignments with a special link provided in their text or email reminder. Confirming their job informs admins/leaders that the member is aware of their upcoming assignment(s) and has confirmed they plan to fulfill their obligations. Admins can also view who has not confirmed their job assignments, indicating a possible replacement may need necessary.

NEW! Responsive Frontend – Now your public website will display beautifully on mobile devices and tablets due to our new responsive features. When the platform detects a mobile device, your site is automatically reformatted for the best mobile experience with updated navigation, page layout, text sizes, etc. Now you have a truly mobile and desktop website.

NEW! CongreGATE Themes – Now you can choose from our theme collection to change the layout of your site.

Retina Image Support – Now you can choose to upload high-resolution images to your site for better display on retina and high-resolution displays/mobile devices.

Improved My Account Settings Tabs – Tabs have been consolidated for better grouping of communication (weekly summaries, reminders, etc.) and participation (jobs, volunteering, visitor follow-up, etc.) preferences.

Improved Attendance Summary Emails – The overall attendance numbers for the given week have now been added to the weekly attendance summary emails.

Improved Weekly Summary Emails – The upcoming week’s job assignments have been added to the weekly summary emails.

Improved One Stone Biblical Resources Discount – Now CongreGATE clients receive 5% off + FREE shipping on all orders placed at One Stone Biblical Resources. Click “Biblical Resources” the the admin console to start shopping and saving.

NEW: Virtual Library

Now you can offer UNLIMITED access to FULL-LENGTH bible-based materials to ALL your members for only $10 per month!

CongreGATE’s Virtual Library makes it simple and affordable to provide books, workbooks, commentaries, and other materials to your members.

With agreements with well-known publishers, authors, and booksellers, you’ll be able to provide a variety of content to your members – in a library that’s always growing – at only $10.00 per month!

There are no membership-tiers or pricing per number of members, just a simple flat-rate to allow all of your members read-only access to a wealth of bible-based materials.

The Virtual Library is an Unbeatable Value!

  • Only $10/month – affordable and available to ALL your members; no pricing or membership tiers
  • No Contracts or Commitments –  there is no obligation and you can cancel Virtual Library service at any time
  • Full-Length Material – gain access to full books, workbooks, tracts, and more
  • Growing Library  – we continually add new content to the library from various publishers
  • Desktop and Mobile Support –  read material on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone for on-the-go and in the assembly
  • 10% Off Printed Copies –  save 10% on all the materials in the library through One Stone Biblical Resources
  • Save Hundreds –  save money on workbooks and materials for your members by offering them electronic versions instead of printed copies

> Learn More

CongreGATE v5.0 Released

Today we are happy to announce the release of CongreGATE v5.0 – a free update for all clients. This update includes all-new features and enhancements making this the best version of CongreGATE yet.

Quarterly support for calendar and job assignments –  you can now create custom quarter start dates and have quarterly-based calendar events and job positions.

Automatic user accounts –  you are now asked if you’d like to create a user account based on any new member you add to the directory.

Sermon video link  –  now you can enter the URL of a sermon’s video (hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) to have a video icon indication when visitors are browsing your list of sermons and a direct link to the video within your sermon’s details page.

Message center send details –  now messages sent through the message center include and indicate to your recipients what member group or mailing list the message was sent to.

Member dashboard customization –  you can now enable and disable any and all member dashboard modules.

New member attendance report export –  with a percentage of each member’s attendance at each of your services over a selected date-range plus an average overall percentage.

Tags now supported in articles –  you can now add tags to your articles allowing users to more easily search and find articles.

Enhanced Google Analytics –  better integration allows for better display of your page counts and now play/view counts for all individual sermons and media.

Anti-SPAM forms – CAPTCHA has been added to all front-end forms (blog comments, email forms, etc.) to prevent SPAM-related comments and emails.

‘Compact’ directory PDF export –  a consolidated version of your entire directory in a two-column format for minimal pages.

Email new blog posts –  you can now elect to email member(s) when a new blog post has been added to your site.

Full HTML support in the page editor –  the editor will no longer remove unrecognized HTML code, so now you have the freedom to use any HTML code you wish.

Visitor follow-up notes included in email –  comments from previous visitor milestone tasks are now included in the automated milestone assignment emails.

Homepage customization* –  you can now elect to show the news/daily reading/custom content tabs on your homepage or your own content without tabs. *applies only to clients using the CongreGATE standard template.

Easier to understand messaging errors –  errors with automated emails and the messaging center are now easier to understand and troubleshoot.

Updated admin console design –  for a cleaner look and better presentation of data on both the desktop and mobile devices.

CongreGATE v4.5 Released

Today we are happy to announce the release of CongreGATE v4.5 – a free update for all clients. This update includes all-new features and enhancements making this the best version of CongreGATE yet.

ALL NEW! Member Data Verification
CongreGATE can send an email to all of your current members asking them to verify their contact information, job assignment preferences, volunteer tasks, and/or member interests. A log in your admin console will show you when members have verified their data and/or updated their information. Members with unverified data can be re-notifed or admins can print a list of those members automatically for manual verification at one of your assemblies. This is great for always keeping your directory and member data up-to-date!

ALL NEW! Member Interests
CongreGATE can now collect additional information about members’ interests (activities, how their free time is spent, etc.) Admins create a list of possible activities/interests and members can then select the ones they are interested in. Then, admins or other members can search to find other members who are interested in the same thing(s). This is perfect for larger congregations and finding outside-of-worship activities that will appeal to everyone.

ALL NEW! Per-Member Attendance Member View
Members (with permission) can now view per-member attendance inside the members section of your website. Members can select a date range to find a list of members who were absent within the date range and the reason for their absence (if it was provided when attendance was taken). This allows members to stay better informed and learn the reason for others’ absences to either pray for them, encourage them, or follow-up on their absence.

ENHANCED! Job Assignment Position Notes
Now you can type a short note next to any of your job assignment positions that will appear whenever that specific position is referenced. A perfect example of this would be for the position of “scripture reader” –  if your congregation has passages already assigned for reading, simply enter them in next to the “scripture reader” positions and the passage will be included in all emails, texts, reminders, PDF exports/prints, and online.

Style/Template Customization Options*
Now you can customize the CongreGATE standard template even more with additional image, color, and CSS style options. From the navigation bar to the passage roll-over pop-up window, you can choose the colors and background images you wish to use. *Applies to clients using the standard CongreGATE template only. Custom homepage/design clients who had custom options developed for them are unable to use these controls at this time.

Weekly Summary/Weekly Attendance Emails
Select Date and Time Sent: Now you can choose when your weekly summaries are sent out via email –  both day of the week and time of day.

Job Assignments/Volunteer Positions Export Permissions/Willingness
Now you can export a spreadsheet detailing each member’s willingness and allowed permission for both job positions and volunteer positions. This makes it easy to review each member’s preferences and allowances all in one place.

Per-Member Attendance

Family Selection: Now you select an entire family as being present without having to select each family member. This functionality is enabled on CongreGATE mobile and must be used in conjunction with the ‘sort by family’ setting.
Default Status: Now you can select if you want the member list to be defaulted to absent or present. This is great for smaller congregations who would rather mark those absent rather than those present.
Revised Report CSV Export: The revised CSV export keeps members on separate rows with columns for total attendance percentage and date/service/reason for absences. This makes it easier to manipulate data exported from your attendance tracker.

Request/Update Support Forms

New User Forum System: Our user forums have been revamped and now it’s easier than ever to post, search, and contribute. Share tips, tricks and request CongreGATE features with other CongreGATE users.
ALL NEW! Billing and POC (Point of Contact): Now you can easily update your point of contact and your billing preferences from within your admin console. Updating this information will send your data to CongreGATE and a representative will contact you if any further action(s) are required.
ALL NEW! Email Boxes and Forwards: Now you can request new email accounts and forwards to be setup directly from your admin console. After submitting your request, a CongreGATE representative will contact you when the accounts are active and any server settings/information you may need for your email client.

CongreGATE v4.2 Released

Today we are happy to announce the release of CongreGATE v4.2 – a free update for all v4.0 clients. This update includes all-new features and enhancements making this the best version of CongreGATE yet. To learn more about v4.2, see the complete release notes.


Slideshow Images: Now you can select how long images are displayed on your homepage slideshow. Furthermore, hovering the mouse over the slideshow will present arrows allowing the user to click through the various images.

Recent Media Lesson Types: Now you can select what lesson type(s) will appear on your homepage under your “recent” module. You can select one or more lesson types to only display sermons, classes, special meetings, and/or a combination of any and all types.

Song Tracker

Auto-Complete Song Number/Titles: Now entering in the name of the song title or song number will present more relevant results. Now searches must be in order (i.e. by entering the first number or numbers of the song number, or first letter or word of the song title)


Bulk Sermon Import: Now you can download a CSV template, enter your sermon data and upload it to CongreGATE. This bypasses the need to enter each title, series, speaker, etc, in individual sermons; now do it in batch. Note: sermon media files (mp3, ppt, pdf, etc.) must be uploaded through the admin console and is not supported in the batch import/CSV template. Upload your media files after uploading your bulk sermon data.

Default Type and Service: Now in addition to the default speaker, you can select default lesson types and services when uploading sermons.

Admin Console Dashboard

Top 10 Media Analytics: Now you see what sermons are being listened to most on your website. See the top ten sermons and their play counts.

Weekly Summary Emails

View Online: Now you can view your weekly summary online in the admin console without only having to reference it in your email.

Attendance Weekly Summary Emails

View Online: Now you can view the attendance weekly summary email report online in the admin console along with your other attendance reports.

CongreGATE v4.1 Released

Today we are happy to announce the release of CongreGATE v4.1 – a free update for all v4.0 clients. This update includes all-new features and enhancements making this the best version of CongreGATE yet.


Convert/Transfer: “Convert to Family” has been renamed to “Convert/Transfer” allowing conversion, merging, separation, and positioning changes within each family’s listing. Now you can easily update your directory when events like marriages, deaths, separations, etc. occur without loosing anyone’s account and member data/history.

ALL NEW FEATURE! Convert Visitor to Member: You can now convert a visitor whose contact information has been entered into the Visitor Tracker database to a member in the directory. This saves time in having to recollect and/or re-enter their contact information into the directory. This option is found in the “Convert/Transfer” section of the directory module.

Quick Add to Group: Now you can quickly add new members to member groups directly within the directory, instead of having to add them to a group within the member group portion of the admin console.

Management of Built-in Fields: Now you have the ability to enable and disable any of the built-in directory fields. For example, can you choose to remove items like ‘alternate email address’, ‘IM screen name’, ‘cellular phone provider’, etc. if you wish.

Anniversary Date Moved: The anniversary date field has been moved to the head of household listing, rather than the spouse listing. This allows for an anniversary date to be inputted into the system even if the spouse is not.

IMPROVED! Export to PDF: Now you can select what portion of the directory you wish to export to PDF from the front-end member website. Whatever directory listing(s) are displayed on the screen will now be reflected in the PDF export. For example, if you only want to generate a PDF of a certain member group, filter the group on the website and then click the ‘export to PDF’ link and the PDF will only render the filtered results. (Previously the PDF export always listed everyone in the directory.) Additionally, ‘export to PDF’ has been added to the import/export section in the admin console for easy access by administrators.

Job Assignments

Do Not Generate Positions: A new position property allows you to make positions never be auto-generated by the system even when using auto-generation; they must always be manually assigned. This allows the system to auto-generate some positions, while never auto-generating others.

IMPROVED! Non-Weekly Position Reminders: CongreGATE can now send reminders for positions each week for ‘all month’ positions. For example, if a member is assigned to lead singing all month, they would receive a one-time reminder at the beginning of the month. Now with the weekly reminder enabled, an admin can elect to have that the ‘all month’ position send weekly reminders each week during the assigned month, rather than just the one initial reminder.


Updated Message Logs: Email bounces, full mailbox, bad email address, SPAM bounces and general send errors are now reported in the message logs so you can troubleshoot any message center-related issues. The logs no longer show mail that has been sent successfully, but only emails that bounced or produced errors.

Limited Attachment File Types: You’ll notice limitations on message center attachment file types to ensure better deliverability and to prevent SPAM and possible virus/malware infection.

System Settings

Subscription Links/Upcoming Events: If you are using our standard template, you now have the ability to remove all references and links to your iCAL feeds, Podcast feeds, and RSS newsfeeds. In addition, you can also remove the upcoming events listed on your site. This is ideal for clients who do not utilize those features/modules.


Content Editor Font/Color: Now you can select the font size and its color within the content editor for use in pages, messages, news posts, etc.

Mobile App

Dashboard Control: In the system settings, you can now select the modules that members and/or administrators see on the mobile dashboard. For example, if you do not use the Song Tracker, you can now remove it as an option on the mobile web app.

Visitor Tracker: Now complete visitor contact information is displayed within the mobile visitor tracker module.

User Accounts

ALL NEW FEATURE! Account Invitations: You can now invite members who do not yet have a user account to register for one. With a customizable template, you have total control over the email invitation and CongreGATE will only send the invitations to members with a valid email address who do not yet have user account.


Past Date Warning: To better protect against changing and/or removing previously saved and finalized data, a warning message now appears on-screen when attempting to edit a previous attendance record.

IMPROVED! Report Export/Print Options: Now when running any of the built-in reports, you can export the results to a CSV (spreadsheet) file for further data manipulation or print them in a clean, printer-formatted version.

Color-Coded “Excused” Absences: Within the absent reason list, you can now elect to have reasons tagged as “excused” (meaning whatever you want “excused” to mean; it’s ambiguous) and any display of that reason will be color-coded differently on-screen to identify it as an “excused” absence. This may be used for reasons like “out of town” or “sick” to identify them differently than reasons like “unknown” etc. “Excused” will appear on-site in blue and unexcused will appear in red.

ALL NEW FEATURE! Attendance Summary Emails: Leaders can now elect to receive a summary of the previous week’s per-member attendance information. On Monday, CongreGATE will generate and send an email showing all members who were absent and for what reason. This allows leaders to stay on top of member attendance…automatically.

Visitor Tracker

Search: You can now search for visitors by name and utilize the auto-complete search feature.

Linked Information: Now visitor names within visitor assignments are linked to the visitor’s detailed information, showing their contact details, visit and milestone history.

Weekly Summary Emails

IMPROVED! New and Updated Posts Included: Your weekly summary emails now include news posts that have been modified and saved during the previous week, rather than just newly-created news posts. Now both new and updated news items will be included in your weekly summary.

NEW: Automated Phone Calling

TruVoice can call members and read them messages you input via your website. Great for service cancelations, urgent messages, and for members who may not use email or text messaging, TruVoice allows you to communicate to your entire membership. You can also use TruVoice for phone call-based reminders and notifications!

New in 4.0: Reduced Setup Fees by 20%

With the introduction of CongreGATE v4.0, we are happy new announce a new setup fee pricing structure: Limited $299; Silver $599; Gold $699; Unlimited $799. These new rates offer up to 20% off our original setup rates. We are happy to continue to bring clients the best service at the best price!