CongreGATE v5.0 Released

Today we are happy to announce the release of CongreGATE v5.0 – a free update for all clients. This update includes all-new features and enhancements making this the best version of CongreGATE yet.

Quarterly support for calendar and job assignments –  you can now create custom quarter start dates and have quarterly-based calendar events and job positions.

Automatic user accounts –  you are now asked if you’d like to create a user account based on any new member you add to the directory.

Sermon video link  –  now you can enter the URL of a sermon’s video (hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) to have a video icon indication when visitors are browsing your list of sermons and a direct link to the video within your sermon’s details page.

Message center send details –  now messages sent through the message center include and indicate to your recipients what member group or mailing list the message was sent to.

Member dashboard customization –  you can now enable and disable any and all member dashboard modules.

New member attendance report export –  with a percentage of each member’s attendance at each of your services over a selected date-range plus an average overall percentage.

Tags now supported in articles –  you can now add tags to your articles allowing users to more easily search and find articles.

Enhanced Google Analytics –  better integration allows for better display of your page counts and now play/view counts for all individual sermons and media.

Anti-SPAM forms – CAPTCHA has been added to all front-end forms (blog comments, email forms, etc.) to prevent SPAM-related comments and emails.

‘Compact’ directory PDF export –  a consolidated version of your entire directory in a two-column format for minimal pages.

Email new blog posts –  you can now elect to email member(s) when a new blog post has been added to your site.

Full HTML support in the page editor –  the editor will no longer remove unrecognized HTML code, so now you have the freedom to use any HTML code you wish.

Visitor follow-up notes included in email –  comments from previous visitor milestone tasks are now included in the automated milestone assignment emails.

Homepage customization* –  you can now elect to show the news/daily reading/custom content tabs on your homepage or your own content without tabs. *applies only to clients using the CongreGATE standard template.

Easier to understand messaging errors –  errors with automated emails and the messaging center are now easier to understand and troubleshoot.

Updated admin console design –  for a cleaner look and better presentation of data on both the desktop and mobile devices.