CongreGATE v4.5 Released

Today we are happy to announce the release of CongreGATE v4.5 – a free update for all clients. This update includes all-new features and enhancements making this the best version of CongreGATE yet.

ALL NEW! Member Data Verification
CongreGATE can send an email to all of your current members asking them to verify their contact information, job assignment preferences, volunteer tasks, and/or member interests. A log in your admin console will show you when members have verified their data and/or updated their information. Members with unverified data can be re-notifed or admins can print a list of those members automatically for manual verification at one of your assemblies. This is great for always keeping your directory and member data up-to-date!

ALL NEW! Member Interests
CongreGATE can now collect additional information about members’ interests (activities, how their free time is spent, etc.) Admins create a list of possible activities/interests and members can then select the ones they are interested in. Then, admins or other members can search to find other members who are interested in the same thing(s). This is perfect for larger congregations and finding outside-of-worship activities that will appeal to everyone.

ALL NEW! Per-Member Attendance Member View
Members (with permission) can now view per-member attendance inside the members section of your website. Members can select a date range to find a list of members who were absent within the date range and the reason for their absence (if it was provided when attendance was taken). This allows members to stay better informed and learn the reason for others’ absences to either pray for them, encourage them, or follow-up on their absence.

ENHANCED! Job Assignment Position Notes
Now you can type a short note next to any of your job assignment positions that will appear whenever that specific position is referenced. A perfect example of this would be for the position of “scripture reader” –  if your congregation has passages already assigned for reading, simply enter them in next to the “scripture reader” positions and the passage will be included in all emails, texts, reminders, PDF exports/prints, and online.

Style/Template Customization Options*
Now you can customize the CongreGATE standard template even more with additional image, color, and CSS style options. From the navigation bar to the passage roll-over pop-up window, you can choose the colors and background images you wish to use. *Applies to clients using the standard CongreGATE template only. Custom homepage/design clients who had custom options developed for them are unable to use these controls at this time.

Weekly Summary/Weekly Attendance Emails
Select Date and Time Sent: Now you can choose when your weekly summaries are sent out via email –  both day of the week and time of day.

Job Assignments/Volunteer Positions Export Permissions/Willingness
Now you can export a spreadsheet detailing each member’s willingness and allowed permission for both job positions and volunteer positions. This makes it easy to review each member’s preferences and allowances all in one place.

Per-Member Attendance

Family Selection: Now you select an entire family as being present without having to select each family member. This functionality is enabled on CongreGATE mobile and must be used in conjunction with the ‘sort by family’ setting.
Default Status: Now you can select if you want the member list to be defaulted to absent or present. This is great for smaller congregations who would rather mark those absent rather than those present.
Revised Report CSV Export: The revised CSV export keeps members on separate rows with columns for total attendance percentage and date/service/reason for absences. This makes it easier to manipulate data exported from your attendance tracker.

Request/Update Support Forms

New User Forum System: Our user forums have been revamped and now it’s easier than ever to post, search, and contribute. Share tips, tricks and request CongreGATE features with other CongreGATE users.
ALL NEW! Billing and POC (Point of Contact): Now you can easily update your point of contact and your billing preferences from within your admin console. Updating this information will send your data to CongreGATE and a representative will contact you if any further action(s) are required.
ALL NEW! Email Boxes and Forwards: Now you can request new email accounts and forwards to be setup directly from your admin console. After submitting your request, a CongreGATE representative will contact you when the accounts are active and any server settings/information you may need for your email client.