CongreGATE v4.2 Released

Today we are happy to announce the release of CongreGATE v4.2 – a free update for all v4.0 clients. This update includes all-new features and enhancements making this the best version of CongreGATE yet. To learn more about v4.2, see the complete release notes.


Slideshow Images: Now you can select how long images are displayed on your homepage slideshow. Furthermore, hovering the mouse over the slideshow will present arrows allowing the user to click through the various images.

Recent Media Lesson Types: Now you can select what lesson type(s) will appear on your homepage under your “recent” module. You can select one or more lesson types to only display sermons, classes, special meetings, and/or a combination of any and all types.

Song Tracker

Auto-Complete Song Number/Titles: Now entering in the name of the song title or song number will present more relevant results. Now searches must be in order (i.e. by entering the first number or numbers of the song number, or first letter or word of the song title)


Bulk Sermon Import: Now you can download a CSV template, enter your sermon data and upload it to CongreGATE. This bypasses the need to enter each title, series, speaker, etc, in individual sermons; now do it in batch. Note: sermon media files (mp3, ppt, pdf, etc.) must be uploaded through the admin console and is not supported in the batch import/CSV template. Upload your media files after uploading your bulk sermon data.

Default Type and Service: Now in addition to the default speaker, you can select default lesson types and services when uploading sermons.

Admin Console Dashboard

Top 10 Media Analytics: Now you see what sermons are being listened to most on your website. See the top ten sermons and their play counts.

Weekly Summary Emails

View Online: Now you can view your weekly summary online in the admin console without only having to reference it in your email.

Attendance Weekly Summary Emails

View Online: Now you can view the attendance weekly summary email report online in the admin console along with your other attendance reports.