CongreGATE v4.1 Released

Today we are happy to announce the release of CongreGATE v4.1 – a free update for all v4.0 clients. This update includes all-new features and enhancements making this the best version of CongreGATE yet.


Convert/Transfer: “Convert to Family” has been renamed to “Convert/Transfer” allowing conversion, merging, separation, and positioning changes within each family’s listing. Now you can easily update your directory when events like marriages, deaths, separations, etc. occur without loosing anyone’s account and member data/history.

ALL NEW FEATURE! Convert Visitor to Member: You can now convert a visitor whose contact information has been entered into the Visitor Tracker database to a member in the directory. This saves time in having to recollect and/or re-enter their contact information into the directory. This option is found in the “Convert/Transfer” section of the directory module.

Quick Add to Group: Now you can quickly add new members to member groups directly within the directory, instead of having to add them to a group within the member group portion of the admin console.

Management of Built-in Fields: Now you have the ability to enable and disable any of the built-in directory fields. For example, can you choose to remove items like ‘alternate email address’, ‘IM screen name’, ‘cellular phone provider’, etc. if you wish.

Anniversary Date Moved: The anniversary date field has been moved to the head of household listing, rather than the spouse listing. This allows for an anniversary date to be inputted into the system even if the spouse is not.

IMPROVED! Export to PDF: Now you can select what portion of the directory you wish to export to PDF from the front-end member website. Whatever directory listing(s) are displayed on the screen will now be reflected in the PDF export. For example, if you only want to generate a PDF of a certain member group, filter the group on the website and then click the ‘export to PDF’ link and the PDF will only render the filtered results. (Previously the PDF export always listed everyone in the directory.) Additionally, ‘export to PDF’ has been added to the import/export section in the admin console for easy access by administrators.

Job Assignments

Do Not Generate Positions: A new position property allows you to make positions never be auto-generated by the system even when using auto-generation; they must always be manually assigned. This allows the system to auto-generate some positions, while never auto-generating others.

IMPROVED! Non-Weekly Position Reminders: CongreGATE can now send reminders for positions each week for ‘all month’ positions. For example, if a member is assigned to lead singing all month, they would receive a one-time reminder at the beginning of the month. Now with the weekly reminder enabled, an admin can elect to have that the ‘all month’ position send weekly reminders each week during the assigned month, rather than just the one initial reminder.


Updated Message Logs: Email bounces, full mailbox, bad email address, SPAM bounces and general send errors are now reported in the message logs so you can troubleshoot any message center-related issues. The logs no longer show mail that has been sent successfully, but only emails that bounced or produced errors.

Limited Attachment File Types: You’ll notice limitations on message center attachment file types to ensure better deliverability and to prevent SPAM and possible virus/malware infection.

System Settings

Subscription Links/Upcoming Events: If you are using our standard template, you now have the ability to remove all references and links to your iCAL feeds, Podcast feeds, and RSS newsfeeds. In addition, you can also remove the upcoming events listed on your site. This is ideal for clients who do not utilize those features/modules.


Content Editor Font/Color: Now you can select the font size and its color within the content editor for use in pages, messages, news posts, etc.

Mobile App

Dashboard Control: In the system settings, you can now select the modules that members and/or administrators see on the mobile dashboard. For example, if you do not use the Song Tracker, you can now remove it as an option on the mobile web app.

Visitor Tracker: Now complete visitor contact information is displayed within the mobile visitor tracker module.

User Accounts

ALL NEW FEATURE! Account Invitations: You can now invite members who do not yet have a user account to register for one. With a customizable template, you have total control over the email invitation and CongreGATE will only send the invitations to members with a valid email address who do not yet have user account.


Past Date Warning: To better protect against changing and/or removing previously saved and finalized data, a warning message now appears on-screen when attempting to edit a previous attendance record.

IMPROVED! Report Export/Print Options: Now when running any of the built-in reports, you can export the results to a CSV (spreadsheet) file for further data manipulation or print them in a clean, printer-formatted version.

Color-Coded “Excused” Absences: Within the absent reason list, you can now elect to have reasons tagged as “excused” (meaning whatever you want “excused” to mean; it’s ambiguous) and any display of that reason will be color-coded differently on-screen to identify it as an “excused” absence. This may be used for reasons like “out of town” or “sick” to identify them differently than reasons like “unknown” etc. “Excused” will appear on-site in blue and unexcused will appear in red.

ALL NEW FEATURE! Attendance Summary Emails: Leaders can now elect to receive a summary of the previous week’s per-member attendance information. On Monday, CongreGATE will generate and send an email showing all members who were absent and for what reason. This allows leaders to stay on top of member attendance…automatically.

Visitor Tracker

Search: You can now search for visitors by name and utilize the auto-complete search feature.

Linked Information: Now visitor names within visitor assignments are linked to the visitor’s detailed information, showing their contact details, visit and milestone history.

Weekly Summary Emails

IMPROVED! New and Updated Posts Included: Your weekly summary emails now include news posts that have been modified and saved during the previous week, rather than just newly-created news posts. Now both new and updated news items will be included in your weekly summary.