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The CongreGATE church website and CMS (content management system) was specifically developed for the needs of local churches. This three-fold product serves as your church website, member connectivity platform, and toolbox for church leaders. No other church website/platform offers the range of features CongreGATE brings to local church members, online website visitors, and church leaders. Learn more…

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CongreGATE is priced to fit your local congregation’s needs and budget.

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A Divine Concept: 3-in-1

CongreGATE allows for the creation and auto generation of monthly duty rosters, inputting of congregational and member attendance, finances and contributions, member directory, and various other features related to servicing leaders within your local church. Run reports, view charts, and quickly get the data and information leaders need.

CongreGATE strives to bring members together by better connecting them online. With subscribable newsfeeds and calendars, members can stay up-to-date with local church and member events. The message center and online directory allow members to find and communicate with one another. Automated email messages also keep members up-to-date via email.

CongreGATE allows a simple way to offer feature-rich content with visitors to your website. Fully search engine optimized, seekers of your site will find you. CongreGATE is making it simple to keep your site up-to-date all the time. Sharing the gospel, sermons and articles has never been easier –  even 24/7/365, worldwide with the power of the internet. 

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