Church Websites and Church Management Software
The CongreGATE platform was specifically developed for the needs of local churches

For churches large and small, CongreGATE is affordable and hassle-free. Plans start at less than $1/day with no contracts or commitments. Change service plans at any time, receive free updates and upgrades, and utilize our quick and convenient support when you need it.

CongreGATE is extremely user friendly. If you can use a word processor, you can update and manage your website from any where in the world via the internet. Every local church is different and with settings from user access control to complete feature disablement, you are in control of your site and its content.

CongreGATE is a time-saver. CongreGATE’s automated job and volunteer assignments, member attendance tracking, and visitor information collection can ease the burden on many within your local congregation.


This three-fold product serves as your church website, member connectivity platform, and church management software for church leaders. No other church website platform offers the range of features CongreGATE brings to local church members, online website visitors, and church leaders.

CongreGATE allows a simple way to offer feature-rich content with visitors to your website. Fully search engine optimized, seekers of your site will find you. CongreGATE is making it simple to keep your site up-to-date all the time. Sharing the gospel, sermons and articles has never been easier –  even 24/7/365, worldwide with the power of the internet.
CongreGATE strives to bring members together by better connecting them online. With subscribable newsfeeds and calendars, members can stay up-to-date with local church and member events. The message center and online directory allow members to find and communicate with one another. Automated messages keep members up-to-date via email.
CongreGATE allows for the creation and auto generation of monthly duty rosters, inputting of congregational and member attendance, finances and contributions, member directory, and various other features related to servicing leaders within your local church. Run reports, view charts, and quickly get the data and information leaders need.

Affordable for Churches Large and Small

Our flexible pricing plans allow for congregations of any size to take advantage of our system.



CongreGATE can simplify common tasks, allowing church leaders and servants to save valuable time and effort. CongreGATE’s tools can be used and viewed online and printed versions can be produced of your directory, job assignments, calendar, etc. for those who want a physical copy. CongreGATE leaves no one behind – even non-computer users.

Job and volunteer assignments can now be managed and generated with a few simple clicks. Setup your members, positions, and services and CongreGATE does the rest. Automated text, email, and/or voice call reminders ensure members don’t forget their assignments. Members can access the assignment list from your website, mobile, PDF file, and printed in multiple layout options.

Updatable member directory allows members to update their own directory contact information and photo. CongreGATE’s automated data verification module can contact members asking them to verify or update their information to ensure your directory is always up-to-date. The directory can be accessed via your website, mobile, PDF file, and printed in multiple layout options.


CongreGATE is the easiest way to have a robust public website with the features today’s users are looking for. CongreGATE gives you the ability to create and customize an unlimited number of pages, easily add news posts and events on your calendar, upload MP3 sermons and files, embed YouTube videos and live streaming services, and upload online articles and bulletins with one-click share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

Admittedly, there is no better way to spread the gospel then by word of mouth, but your website is available 24/7…even when you are not. Someone searching for the truth – day or night – could find your website and learn all they need to know at their own pace and location.


Both members and church leaders can benefit from CongreGATE Mobile – a specially-formatted version of CongreGATE for looking up members in the directory, getting Google Map assistance to their homes, taking per-member attendance, tracking church visitors, and entering news, led songs, and contribution data right from your pew.

Your entire CongreGATE site is completely responsive and is optimized to display beautifully on any Apple iOS or Android device, in addition to Kindle Fire and most other tablets and smartphones. The public will be presented with the best website experience no matter what computer or  device they’re using – CongreGATE is 100% mobile ready. Members and church leaders can even save a web app to their device for one-click access to CongreGATE Mobile. And permission groups allow for full access control to every module and feature within CongreGATE and CongreGATE Mobile.


Whether you use any of our built-in templates or have a tailor-made design created, your CongreGATE site can be customized to meet your needs.


“If you are looking for a CMS solution for your church, look no further than CongreGATE.”

The customization options and ease of use of the this system is unbelievable! – Kendall Wheeler, Clovis Church

Having a nice website would be great, but CongreGATE offers so much more. We now have a member’s section with an online member directory that members can update themselves. We can now assign job assignments with the click of a button (a task that used to take one person hours to do), and the members can receive text and e-mail reminders of their duties…The list of features goes on and on and only for a small monthly fee. The leadership of our congregation loves the value that CongreGATE offers. They cannot believe all the functionality we get for the small monthly fee. All of these features with other companies would cost hundreds of dollars a month.

– Justin Friday, Woodsfield Church

Earlier we had a website which had been neglected and was not serving the purposes of spreading the gospel or connecting with the members…We knew what we needed, but the question came down to price, reliability, and appearance. CongreGATE was truly a “God sent” solution because it exceeded our expectations. Today, the members are more informed about important information. Our visitor count has increased weekly due to the exposure and content of our site and the website happens to be one of the most evangelistic resources we have in place for reaching the lost.

– Antoine Holloway, Wildercroft Church